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About Haviskye Merchandise ltd

Professional and Expert Roofing Contractor

Haviskye Merchandise ltd, with RC. 1318513 was established on 25th February 2016 to render next-generation products designed to withstand long and frequent use and services in Nigeria and West Africa.

In Haviskye, our products and services are of the best quality and affordable.

Nigerians are in darkness. It is no longer news that most parts of Nigeria, different zones, are left in utter darkness without power supply, while some suffer from the poor power supply.

With this in mind, Haviskye Off-Grid Solar Solution will independently generate sufficient electricity during the day, while the power stored in the battery bank will cover the night. Haviskye proffers a solution through cost-effective designs.

Our drive is based upon the idea of being the light to Nigerians and the world.

Aside from saving cost, by subscribing to Haviskye solar solution, you’re also reducing the Co2 emission in our air, which goes along with the climate change resolution, to help clean our polluted air.

Our goal in Haviskye is to help create sustainable and guaranteed solar solutions that will last long to complement the money spent on investment in the solar system.

We offer the following: • Inverter Batteries
• Industrial Batteries
• Ups Batteries
• Auto Batteries
• Power Surge
• Ups Systems
• Charge Control
• Energy-saving Bulb
• Complete Solar Installation
• Inverter Installations
• Solar Panels And Cables
• Industrial Stabilizers
• Solar Lighting
• Electricals
AVR Servo
Solar Street Lighting
• CCTV to grace your Business, Office, home, etc. and help keep an eye out for any unexpected event that may happen within and around you.

To deliver Superior Products and provide exceptional customer services, creating profitable value for our customers, employees, community, and society at large.

To build an organization that inspires the world with our innovative technologies, products, and design that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity.

ceo Haviskye Merchandise ltd

How We Work

Book Consultation

You book a consultation call by filling the form on this link.

Site Survey

We pay a visit to the desired location and consider the space and environment into consideration.

Energy Audit

We estimate the energy needed in the location, and make recommendations.


After giving the price and payment confirmed installation commences immediately.

Do you have a new solar power project that requires our expertise? Get in touch with us

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